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DaTRek Recovery offers you a chance of survival. Comprising a team of professional Recovery Specialists, we can help victims who have Lost Crypto Assets, NFTS, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Credit Cards and Databases, for reasons due to online investments scams, fraud or accessibility.

DaTRek will help you claim your hard-earned money back from fraudulent Brokers, Investors, Websites and Exchanges.



File Your Claim Today

DaTRek can help you find your feet, when you fall victim to one of these schemes and scams, you may feel powerless and helpless to get any restitution. 



Detailed Forensic Auditing

DaTRek will work with whatever evidence you are able to gather and provide us, we will research and analyse your information adequately to come up with the best possible solution to recover your money back with a guaranteed success.


Begin Your Recovery Journey

DaTRek shall directly confront companies on your behalf, and get you the restitution you deserve. If your money was taken by a scamming company, let us know and we’ll get your money back to you as soon as possible.


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