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Our Projections

DaTRek has successfully helped resolve over 5200+ unique cases regarding investment scams and has helped investors in different countries recover lost NFTs investments and Crypto Assets, from many fake trading and investment companies. Since Inception, we've been able to recover over 94 million USD in Crypto Assets Investments scams worldwide. 

After working for various forensic accounting, investigative and auditing companies, a team was brought together dedicated to recovering funds from fake investments. Quite a lot of people have lost and are still losing their NFTS and Cryptos to Binary Options, Forex and other fake investment schemes online.


We provide the best-in-class services for individuals who have been defrauded by both unregulated or regulated Investment platforms. We continue to develop successful advanced investigative techniques and world-class legal relationships, earning the trust and respect of our clients. We've established long-term relationships with some of the best forensic engineers in various financial sectors.


"Solely to protect the crypto-world and bring about a much safer and reliable environment to trade and use cryptocurrencies seamlessly across borders".



What we offer our clients

Crypto Assets Recovery

We make use of our vast techniques, skillsets and technology to ensure a successful crypto assets and crypto investments recovery results for our esteemed clients

Data Recovery

We initially started as a data and analysis company, providing IT services for lost or damaged files and drives. We continue to provide these services under our IT department

Customer Service

We offer premium round the clock customer support to enable you to reach out to us whenever possible for help with your individual crypto chargebacks

Risk Mitigation

With the use of our vast database and software portfolio, We take it up on ourselves to explore and highlight the various risks associated with committing to certain investments platforms

Explore Investment Firms

You can make use of our DR complaint board to explore fake investment companies and also add or review these platforms to file a complaint or make others aware of them

Financial Forensics

We make use of advanced analytical financial tools to ensure we arrive at the accurate data and report of individual cases. Bringing forward comprehensive recovery results for our esteemed clients


 File Your Claim to Get Started with a Chargeback +

DaTRek can help you find your feet, when you fall victim to one of these schemes and scams, you may feel powerless and helpless to get any restitution. Get in touch now



 Get a Detailed Forensic Analysis

of Your Claim 

DaTRek will work with whatever evidence you are able to gather and provide us, we will research and analyse your information adequately to come up with the best possible solution to recover your money back with guaranteed success


 Begin Your Recovery Journey Now

DaTRek will directly confront companies on your behalf, and get you the restitution you deserve. If your money was taken or lost to a scam company, let us know and we’ll get it back to you as soon as we can

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